Podcast: Feeds of the Future

The cultivation of insects as well as microalgae are up-and-coming sectors in Germany, as well as globally, to meet protein demands for humans and animals, alike. Therefore, a research team at the University of Göttingen investigated whether these alternative protein sources alter typical meat quality. Listen here to an interview with the lead author, Dr. Brianne Altmann… Weiterlesen Podcast: Feeds of the Future


What is EarthShape? The overarching research question of this project is how microorganisms, animals, and plants influence the shape and development of the Earth’s surface over time scales from the present-day to the distant geologic past. EarthShape bridges between scientific disciplines and includes geoscientists and biologists to study this complex question from different viewpoints. Approximately 60… Weiterlesen EarthShape

Development and Climate Alliance

Azadeh Farajpour-Javazmi, Alumna of Göttingen & Scientific Associate at FAW/n – Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing Climate protection is a question of survival for humanity as we know it today. The limits of Earth’s capacity are being reached faster and faster. The extreme and sudden changes of climate patterns adversely affect the world. Many studies… Weiterlesen Development and Climate Alliance