Breeding programs from the construction kit

The primary task of breeding is to generate genetic progress, i. e. to modify livestock or crop populations in the long term so that they better meet the demands placed on them. Scientists from the Center for Integrated Breeding Research (CiBreed) dealed with the question of how to bring structure to the great amount of breeding programs.
In this contribution they explain the R- package MoBPs, how it might have an positive impact on breeding in general and how it is related to lego bricks.… Weiterlesen Breeding programs from the construction kit

Impact of COVID-19 on Food Systems and Food Security

COVID-19 was first detected as a human disease in China in late-2019 and then spread very rapidly to all parts of the world, rich and poor.
This lecture by Professor Matin Qaim from the University of Göttingen reviews projected global trends in hunger and undernutrition and analyzes the main reasons for people’s worsened access to nutritious foods and healthy diets during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Weiterlesen Impact of COVID-19 on Food Systems and Food Security

Podcast: Feeds of the Future

The cultivation of insects as well as microalgae are up-and-coming sectors in Germany, as well as globally, to meet protein demands for humans and animals, alike. Therefore, a research team at the University of Göttingen investigated whether these alternative protein sources alter typical meat quality. Listen here to an interview with the lead author, Dr. Brianne Altmann… Weiterlesen Podcast: Feeds of the Future